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Hand Poured in Bendigo Victoria

Meet the Maker.......

Hi, my name is Carolin. I’m the founder of Candle and Wick and the creator of our divinely scented natural soy wax candles.


I live in Bendigo, Central Victoria with my wonderful husband. I’m a very proud mum, mum in-law and grandma. My family is my world! It is with their support and encouragement that this humble business has grown.


See, my love affair with candle creation started over a decade ago as a hobby that has morphed into much more. I’ve always loved candles and, if I’m honest, I was buying way too many! With my fondness for wax and wick, I began experimenting and making my own.


My family and friends fell in love with my carefully handcrafted candles. Before long, word had spread. I found myself happily making candles for my loved ones, their extended families and friends, and well beyond that. So, in 2013 I made the decision to expand and Candle and Wick was born. Since then, the quality and empathy that define our approach have also supported our expansion.


Each of our candles is hand poured. Our wax is 100% natural premium soy wax. It is biodegradable, free from pesticides, herbicides and petroleum (paraffin waxes), contains no genetically modified material, and is manufactured using pure soy beans.


The wicks are made from all-natural fibres and are lead-free. We use premium fragrance, made right here in Australia.


Music is a wonderful way to enter the creative flow and we find the process as calming as our candles. Our studio smells incredible at the end of the day. The ingredients have been tested for scent throw and the fragrances wander widely. The neighbours know when we are candle making because the perfume reaches their place, too.


Of course, every ingredient from the raw materials through to the final products are absolutely cruelty free. Animal tested products will never be tolerated in our candle making studio.


I love the way a candle’s flame gently plays with the light, how the amazing fragrance can transform a home, and how the simple beauty of a thoughtfully crafted candle takes pride of place inside a room.


We adore the fact that our scented creations are a natural product that brings joy to people of all ages.


Our customers come from all over Australia and their responses touch our hearts…


“They smell amazing!”


“I love the fact that they are 100% natural soy wax.”


“They smell so much better that Glasshouse and Ecoya.”


“There’s such a great selection of fragrances.”


“I love how they look!”


You can purchase your candles from our online store or one of our wonderful stockists. We also take custom orders to add love, light and well received gifts to baby showers, birthdays, bridal showers, corporate events, engagements, and weddings. They make perfect gifts for these occasions or as a simple thank you.


We’re super proud of our beautiful, natural wax candles and diffusers and look forward to sharing them with you. xx


“Life’s short: Buy those shoes. Drink that wine. Order that candle.” - Anon