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Hand Poured in Bendigo Victoria

The History of Soy Wax.....

Soy wax was invented in 1992 by Michael Richards who was looking for a cheaper alternative to beeswax. He realised very soon that there was a growing demand for natural wax candles within the candle industry. He experimented with many different types of natural plant waxes such as a mixture of soy oil, coconut oil and palm oil, blended beeswax and soy wax as well as soy wax on its own. Soy wax is produced by hydrogenating soybean oil. Today there are many blends of vegetable waxes available.

Soy is a resource that can be replaced at a rate comparable or faster to the rate of consumption. It is produced without damaging the ecosystem and does not destroy precious rainforests or its inhabitants like palm oil does.

Soy wax has a lower melting point therefore can burn up to twice as long as similar sized paraffin wax candles.

Soy wax candles have an excellent scent throw when burning and even leave a pleasant aroma when cold.

Soy wax spillages can easily be cleaned up using warm soapy water and when your candle is finished simply clean and reuse vessel for something else.

Now a bit about us......

Here at Candle and Wick we always use 100% premium grade natural soy wax, it is biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides, it contains no genetically modified material and is manufactured using pure soy beans and contains no leaving 90% less soot than paraffin wax. Much safer for children and people with allergies.

All glass jars and boxes are 100% recyclable and you can even use you lid as a drink coaster.

All candles produced by Candle and Wick, including the raw material used in the production of Candle and Wick candles have NOT been tested on animals.

The wicks used by Candle and Wick are made from all natural fibres and are lead-free.

We use high quality premium fragrance which is made in Australia and has been tested in natural waxes for compatibility and scent throw, ending up with a scent you will enjoy.

All our candles are individually hand poured and made in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia